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WTSTW 1770: The Gweagal Shield

Episode Summary

In the British Museum, an object sits behind glass. It represents a pivotal event, but how much do we really know about this object and the fateful landing of James Cook at Kamay/Botany Bay?

Episode Notes

1770 was a year of change on the cusp of the modern world. It was the year that James Cook set sail on his first voyage aboard the Endeavour. In April, he and a party landed at Kamay, what Europeans would come to call Botany Bay. 

There an encounter took place. In the British Museum an objects sits behind glass, a shield baring the apparent scars of that encounter. But how much do we really know about the shield and the encounter it has come to presents? And how did this shield end up in the British Museum?

Join Dr Maria Nugent for a fascinating talk that reveals new insights.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners are advised that the following program may contain references to people who have died.